My name is Carly I am the owner of
The Hummingbird Waterside Cafe and
The Hummingbird Plant Based.


I have been a chef for over 20 years. I love to cook for people. I started chefing in the UK when I bought a pub 21 years ago. Then I moved to Australia and started a family.


I have a wife, 3 children (6,8,14) and a dog called Molly. We live in Mandurah


I opened my first cafe 5 years ago. The slice of life. I then took over Samadhi cafe.

I was lucky enough to open the hummingbird waterside cafe 3 years ago and then the hummingbird plant based 4 months ago.


Ever since I can remember all I wanted to do is make people happy with food. It’s my greatest pleasure to see people enjoying food, drinks and service I provide.


I opened the first cafe to be able to provide people with fresh, real, wholesome, healthy, good quality food.


I also want food to be affordable with friendly service, so people feel that can get good food often & easy.


My philosophy has always been, I know how hard all the staff at both the cafes work in one hour. So, when people use their hard-earned wages to purchase food and drink from us, I believe we should give them that value back in food.


I feel privileged and honoured people choose our cafe and I would like to replay them by them being totally satisfied customers.


I tell all my staff if you would not serve something you make, to your family or best friend do not serve it to any of our customers.


I like to employ people who are passionate about our industry, have a great attitude, and are the best they can be in their role at the cafe in.


I have vast food and drink menus as I like to cater for everyone. If you want half almond and half coconut milk in your coffee, you should be able to have it. It’s your coffee, you deserve to enjoy it your way.


The reason I opened a second cafe was to cater for even more people. A separate kitchen means we can offer more vegan and gluten free options.


I like inclusivity. If you are in the big cafe, everybody can get what they want all in the same place. For example, if one person would like a steak sandwich and a pint, one person just a smoothie, the children want pancakes and a pic Nic box, another person is gluten intolerant and another person is vegan, everybody can order at the same till and sit at the same table, all together. No one is left out and everybody’s dietary needs are met. Also people can come up an order and pay together or separate, at the same time or when they want to, all depending on what suits you.


Our menus in both cafes are available take away and we have big display fridges full of dine in and take away options.


There are light bites and main meals. Wraps and rolls, burgers and brekkie available all day.


The whole idea is to be able to get what you want when you want it. If you want a burger and chips at 7am that’s fine and if you want an eggs Benni at 2pm that’s also fine.

I wanted to call it The Hummingbird Kitchen & Bar. Meaning the kitchen has an All-day menu and we have a coffee bar, juice bar, smoothie bar & Alcohol bar. Any meal you like with any drink you like at any time.


I have been gluten & dairy intolerant for 5 years and vegetarian since the new year. I know how hard it is to find healthy, delicious food out and about. We have 3 children and to find somewhere we can all eat together is even harder.


I’ve been experimenting and trying new dishes for years. We now have a great team of chefs on board who all bring their amazing flares to both the cafes.


The vegan café is growing and changing every day. We are learning from each other and our customers. There is no Vegan & Gf café in Mandurah, we are the first, therefore pioneers. This means its risky and challenging.


We are trying our hardest to produce new things, get feedback and adjust accordingly. We just want to make vegan and vegetarians and even people who generally enjoy meat, to come and try our food and say wow that was fresh and delicious. I would like people who are just trying it out to be able to try it affordable and not scary.


I want to turn vegetables into food without all the processed fake meats. Our parmies are from jackfruit & our fish and chips from eggplant.


I want people to be able to dine in and enjoy a vegan & Gf meal or get something to take away, that’s healthy and delicious.


Our café is 100% Vegan. We only use 100% GF products. We are in the process of going through the gluten free accreditation program. Until we have this, we say we are gluten free friendly.


We are so lucky with all our staff at the cafe. They make me proud every day, I’m honoured to be able to work with them all. They make such and amazing team.


We have a chance to employ lots of youngsters, for some of them it’s been their first job. We get to be a part of their journey in growing into fine young adults, with their learnt new stills. It’s so good to see them then start to train the next group come through.


Owning a cafe is hard work. My role in the café is full on, I chef, do all the admin, catering, deal with customer feedback, manage the staff, everything. I have a lot of different hats on 7 days a week. I try my hardest every day to do the best job I can. It is tough some days,  but it is so very rewarding. I personally get to do what I love day in and out with an amazing group of people.


I am so grateful to all our wonderful customers who have supported us for the last 5 years. None of this would be possible without them.


We have also been able to give back to many charities and support local businesses and individuals. Which makes us very proud.


I hope to be able to continue to serve the people of Mandurah and all its visitors alike.


I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of our wonderful journey so far.


Loads of love Always